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Welcome to our Reading Academy where we tutor kids to read.  If your child doesn’t know who to read or is struggling to read our group tutuoring is right for you.

16 Week Program

Learn to Read | Struggling Readers Tutoring


Our learn to read tutoring build reading skills for kids who are not reading works.  We start at the beginning and focus heavily on phonic skills.  Our goal is to teach kids to read any word through decoding skills.  

Our struggling readers tutoring focuses on children with reading fluency issues.  These are kids who do not read at normal pace, guess words, and are unable to decode words.  We offer accelerated or at pace tutoting.

Our methods are simple.  We build phonic and spelling skills which teach kids to decode words.  We use flash cards,  games,  music, modeling, daily reading, and videos to help our students learn to read.  

We use  phonic based techniques to teach our students to sound out words.  Through practice our students learn to read and remember new words.  We combine auditory and visual techniques to help your child read.

We provide a flexible platform for students to learn with other students.  Our  tutoring sessions are remote.  We have live sessions along with practice lessons to your student accomplish their reading goals.   

Learn to Read tutoring – 16 Weeks will give your child the foundation they need to decode words and easily read high frequency words.   Struggling Reader tutoring – 16 weeks, will give your student the confidence and skills they need to read with accuracy.  

The Sky is the limit

You can accomplish reading. What are you waiting for? Enroll, today.
Next Session Starts: July 1, 2020