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Ongoing Reading Tutoring

My Child’s behind in reading | Struggling Readers Tutoring

lIVE Private & gROUP Reading tUTORING sESSIONS
twice a week

Designed to help students with reading difficulties improve their reading level. In this weekly tutoring session, students will be taught literacy skills that will help them read faster and with more accuracy. The program is designed for students who are struggling with fluency, and phonemic awareness.

Reading tutoring focuses on children with reading fluency issues.  These are kids who do not read at normal pace, guess words, and are unable to decode words.  We offer accelerated  tutoring. We have  success with students diagnosed with Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, and other intellectual disorders.

Our methods are simple.  We have 2 live sessions per week.  The first session is a Group session where students learn new sounds, blending skills, and words.  The 2nd session is a private tutoring session where we focus on individual understanding of the skills learned on the group session.

Structured literacy approach is a research-based instructional method that teaches students to read by breaking down words into smaller parts. It focuses on teaching phonemic awareness, phonics and fluency in a structured and sequential manner. 

We provide a flexible platform for students to learn with other students and in private sessions.  Our  tutoring sessions are remote which makes it easy to learn from anywhere.  We have live sessions so your child is receiving direct help.  

Each week we will send home progress notes on how your children are progressing.  It is important to practice the words we send home with your child daily to ensure that they progress to increase reading levels.

What My Clients Say about Me

Ms. Ja’Les has really helped both my 10 year old and 13 year old with reading difficulties. Both of them have progressed rapidly over a short time. Highly recommend.
Linda B
Truly Enjoyed working with Ms. Ja’les. Alesia’s reading has improved tremendously & she is now reading on grade level. Thank you sooo much for all of your help.
Sherraine C
Ms. Ja’Les is the best. We have seen so much improvement in a month. She is patience and encouraging 100000/10.
LaKesha C
I would like to start off stating my child enjoys her reading sessions Ms. Ja’Les is a wonderful tutor. I am very please with the work she is providing. She is very patient. My child has difficulty with the pronunciation of certain words, in stead of just listening and correcting my child, Ms. Ja’Les has taken the time to address and fix the issue. Thank you for helping my child be a better reader. Stacie
Stacie D.

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