Juneteenth Escape Room

Welcome to the Juneteenth Escape room.  Here are a few rules you need before you start.

  • We advised younger kids (under 5th grade) to play with a parent or guardian.
  • Once you are inside the room, clues are all around the you.  When you click on an item you may get a pop up.  After you finish with the pop-up, always come back to the escape room.  If you can’t find it, or wish to play another time. We have emailed you the link.

If you get stuck, message us on our Facebook page and we will response with a hint.

1st Clue

You will know were to start because I point to you.  I am the color of then sun and if you look to my south a problem you will see.

Good Luck!  We hope to see you at the end.

Need Help? Send a message on Facebook we will send you a hint.