Juneteenth Escape Room – Registration

Hello and welcome to our Juneteenth Escape Room.  This digital escape room is designed for kids and their families to gain understanding about the importance of Juneteenth.  This includes what it was like to be a slave, how slaves became free, and how Juneteenth is celebrated.    As a parent, I am uber sensitive to learning experiences surrounding slavery and racism.   There is no way to get around the inhumane practice and brutality of slavery and racism.    This escape room is designed for families to experience within their homes.  It was created with as much delicacy as we could give without diluting the reality that so many brave people faced on a daily basis.  We hope that through this escape room your family can sit and have healthy conversations and that Juneteenth becomes a holiday that your family celebrates.

You should be able to escape within 1 hour.  The clues use basic math and pattern clues.  This escape room includes videos, a video book, and a digital board game.  We hope you enjoy.

Register for the Juneteenth Escape Room

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