Geography Recommendations

For elementary students, geography is all about knowing the locations and names of important places. Geography allows us to fully dive into the environment and cultural experiences of specific geographic locations. For our homeschool, I have decided that these are the locations that are important for us:

  • Continents & Oceans – I want the kids to have a spatial idea of Earth, their home planet.
  • North America – Again, I think it’s important for everyone to know where they live.
  • United States of America
  • Africa- Our roots as African Americans started in Africa and it’s great to know about the location where your family’s story began.

My Top Geography Picks

Little Passports USA Edition -This monthly subscription provides engaging learning around 2 US states every month. My daughter has learned about so many states this way. The booklet involves a lot of games and recipes to help students engage in the state they are learning. I get library books around whatever state we are learning for extra knowledge.

USA Map Puzzle With Capitals – Another great puzzle. You can use it to simply help kids remember where states are located or what capitals belong to which states. Practice and repetition builds knowledge.