Classroom Equipment: Homeschool Edition

Our homeschool has a classroom. We don’t solely do school in this area every day, but the furniture and equipment inside of it are items we use daily. In order to make your classroom run smoothly, there are a few items I recommend.

Here are the items I can’t live without in my at-home classroom:

  • 10 Drawer Rolling Storage – each child has a storage cart. I use this to store the materials of the unit study or subject we are currently completing. So, when we are doing Language Arts and I need them to gather certain materials. Instead of going through bookcases and storage boxes to locate items, they will go to their drawer labeled Language Arts. The last drawer is where I put extra supplies the kids can have access to refill.
  • 3 Tier Bookcase – I love these short (waist height) bookcases. This is where I carry the curriculum and books we aren’t using daily. I also have my teacher’s manuals on the bottom shelf (this only works if you can trust your kids not to peak at answers). The height of the bookcases allow table top storage for items that we regularly use.
  • 3 Tier Mesh Utility Cart – We love our Art cart. The utility cart is awesome to store: paints, brushes, paper, and other art supplies.
  • Book and Binder Holders – These are placed on the top of our work stations. I have used these to hold: Each child’s planner, daily to-do list, folder to turn in work (worksheets), ruler, reward checklist, chore checklist, and dry erase boards.
  • Plastic Storage Baskets – We use plastic storage baskets to house all of our library books. This is my way of keeping them separated from the books we own. They are easily accessible to the kids.
  • Classroom Caddy – We use the classroom caddy to hold our writing and cutting utensils. In addition to this, each kid has a pencil box on their work station next to the binder holders.
  • Portable Project Case – We use these to house related subject manipulatives, boot-camp games, and oversize subject materials.