Homeschool Clubs
Are Here?

Accomplished Kids’ provides Clubs for K-8th graders in the Houston, Texas area.  Our goal is to provide Free and Affordable social and learning opportunities to homeschool kids.  Clubs will challenge students through exploring, investigating, and project focused objectives.  We are committed to a student-centered learning environment.  Where students, through rigor, engage in real-world activities and skill-focused learning segments to develop competency.  Our clubs require commitment of your time and participation. 


Each Club has Social Hour. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where kids regularly see the same faces and have time to develop lasting friendships.

True Peer Group

Our Clubs are strictly for a specific age group. We invite parents to stay close-by, but our goal is to utilize the room and time for students who are similar ages.

Real-Life Application

No matter which Club you select, our clubs engage students in real life skills. Studies show that engaged students retain more.

Current Clubs

Students will practice writing and spelling skills with a monthly Writing Challenge and Spelling Bee. This club is for grades 3rd through 8th. 

Students will learn entrepreneur and communication skills.  This is a virtual club but there is an optional in-person Market opportunity at the end of the Semester. This club is for grades 3rd – 12th.

Students will play and socialize at a rotation of 2 local parks. All school aged kids are welcome.

Students will immerse with the world through engaging learning field trips.  This club is for grades 3rd through 8th. (Coming Soon)


Most Frequently Asked Question

The Writing Club is held at 18650 Clay Road, Houston, TX 77084.

Kidpreneur is held virtually.

Park Days will rotate between: John Paul Landing and Collins Park

Learning Adventures will take place both within and outside of Houston area. Field Trips

The Writing Club is held the 2nd and 4th Monday @2:30-4:30 pm with the exception of Holidays. First Class starts the 4th Monday in September

The Kidpreneur Club is held virtually on the 2nd and 4th Mondays @1:00-1:40pm with the exception of Holidays. First Class starts the 4th Monday in September

On the 3rd Wednesday of each Month starting at 1:00 pm with the exception of Holidays. First Class starts the 3rd Wednesday in September

There will be 1 Learning Adventure available to sign up each month. If there is a cost associated with the trip it is due upfront to hold your spot. Spots are limited and on a first come first serve bases. Coming Soon.  When you enroll you will receive an email or text that Learning Adventures have been added to the calendar.

Yes, we encourage parents to drop their children off and return 5 minutes before the end of the club.  

Only children enrolled in the club can participate.  We will maintain a back table for parents and siblings not enrolled.  This area is for non-disruptive parties.  

None, unless the subject area is your specialty and you would like to contribute. 

IN person classes: The first hour is devoted to the club’s subject matter and the last 45minutes – 1 hour is Social Hour where Students are encouraged to socialize in leisure activities.

Please see our Learning Adventures page for upcoming Adventures.