About Me

JaLes is an educator and creator.  As a teacher, author, and mom she is helping children identify and achieve their purpose through creativity, passion, and customized learning experiences.

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Snippet of My Life

In 2006, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in psychology and minor study in business.  I knew I wanted to make an impact on others’ lives and that I wanted to do it on my terms.  I would go on to study counseling and human behavior at the master’s level.  

I am driven by the need to see the underdog win. I am driven by the need to see kids realize their purpose in life. It is my desire not to chase money but to expand knowledge through our passions and develop our talents.  I believe that our talents will lead us to success and true success is a balance of happiness, prosperity, and health.  

I have worked for several State run programs dedicated to the welfare and mental health of children and families.  Also, I have worked as a training resource and process developer.  

Here is my “why” to homeschool:

  • My ex-husband and I always wanted a learning environment where our kids were free to explore, experience, and enjoy obtaining new skills.
  • My daughter was having difficulty with reading fluency and there was little progress after working with the school.
  • After being quoted a high amount (more than 4 years of  tuition at a community college) from a reading company.  I thought about all the other kids with the same issue who might not have access to this help and decided to figure it out through research, logical processing, and creative implementation. 
  • My son was at daycare and really needed a more advance education program, but was too young to go to Kindergarten in public school.  Yes, another college tuition bill (private school).  In addition to being a spectrum child and needing countless hours of social skills and other training

Homeschool Community

My previous Teaching Experience:

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Taught at Klein ISD
  • Founder of Spanish for Houston Homeschoolers
  • Co-administrator of a Houston Homeschool Co-op.  
  • Co-op Teacher
  • Planning Committee for the 1st Annual Minority Homeschoolers Unite Expo 

My Learning Style

Shedding a little light into how I process information for retention:

  1. Solitary Learner – I require internal thought processing time to grasp information.  I really don’t need lectures. Give me a book and a project and I’m good.  
  2.  Physical/Visual Learner – I need to be able to see, feel, and touch to learn.  I also need to write things down to process information. Engagement is very important for my success.
  3. Logical Learner – I love finding connections to facts and challenging information for truth.  Everything has to make sense and connect.  If it doesn’t, I rack my brain trying to figure out how the puzzle pieces connect.  

Scenes From Our Homeschool

My First Published Book

This book is very insightful. In fact, it gives new thought regarding how we teach our daughters the true meaning of love. This book highlights the importance of understanding self-worth as it relates to true love. I really enjoyed this book and you will too!!